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We are totalli ecommerce! We design and build customized webshops, themes and apps for ecommerce. As clear and goal-oriented as possible, because that is what works. Well build, well designed, and targeted to your audience.

With maximum clarity, that's what we believe in. In our designs, in our thinking, in our contact with our clients. Clear in the typical Dutch way: direct, no nonsense, straigtforward. With the aim to deliver the best possible solutions, within budget and time limits, according to agreements made. So that your customers get the best user experience while shopping online, and you get the opportunity to offer your products or services online to your clients. That's why we design and develop our webshops in the most clear way we can offer. To apply this to these two aspects in ecommerce:

Functional design:

A webshop, you might say, is a way (a channel) to offer your products or services online. But a very specific one: your customers can view those products, but not feel them. Nor smell them, or try them on. Walk around it also is not possible. So there are limitations in online commerce. But there's also opportunities: you can offer much more of your catalogue than in a physical store. You can show product videos on how the product can be used, or what your services can mean to your client. You can show what other buyers thijk of this product or service, and persuade visitors to actually buy a product on the basis of social media feedback. You can propose other options, accessoires or related items while someone is looking at a specific product. Compare productspecifications in an overview that would be impossible in a physical store. Offer filter functions to quickly find relevant items, and a good search option. We develop this sort of (technical) design in our Lightspeed themes and custom shop design. Because we know about front-end design, user experience, persuasion design, the concepts behind making buying decisions. To us, it's all about design. Designing a way to sell online; designing a customer voyage, a good interface, a feature to choose a product. And sure, designing with the right colors and fonts, of course.

Visual design:

So what are they, the right colors and fonts? What makes them right? Is it just what meets the eye, what looks good? There's much more to it than just this. Good design is about sending the s=right message to the viewer: this is important, and that is somewhat less. It's about assuring thne viewr that the shop is trustworthy, meets their expectation, is up to the task. It's about visual hierarchy, and guiding the viewer's eye to the main issues. On these premisses the choice for colors, layout and fonts should be based. That's what makes a great online buying experience, with a great webshop; what makes visitors remember to come back to next time, and ultimately what makes a great brand.

So a good design is only at the end of the line about good colors and nice graphics; formost, it accounts for the wishes of the visitors and gives them the notion that they matter. That the whole point of the webhop is to let him experience what this product or service might mean to him/her, what is does, how it works, and what makes it worthwhile. Not because "pretty" is and end goal, but a means to make it work.

Take a look at our previous work to see what we did on other projects. As a busniess partner for Lightspeed eCommerce, totalli t|m is a specialist for custom webshops and themes.

Call us for advice: +31 78 369 05 55

Ecommerce platforms

Logo Lightspeed

Lightspeed eCommerce, a cloud based ecommerce platform that aimes at small and medium sized companies to offer a webshop that can compete with bigger companies but without all custom development costs. It has many out-of-the-box features and integrations with lots of extra services and extensions, and an API for further customisation. Read more

Totalli t|m e-commerce designs, builds, breathes Lightspeed eCommerce. We develop custom webshops and themes for this platform and extensions to the available features.

Logo WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an extension of the WordPress CMS system to set up a Wordpress driven webshop. With all the advantages of WordPress: Open source, a worldwide community, and with all the functionality of a full scale Content Management Systeem (CMS).

Totalli t|m e-commerce develops WooCommerce webshops and solutions.

totalli t|m designs online buying experiences with Lightspeed and WooCommerce.
We go the extra mile for a smile on your face!

Onze partners


Icoon Design


Your webshop is a way of communicating with your customers. To tell them the great products you sell, or the service that makes their lives more comfortable. It's about selling, no doubt. That's why trust and authority plays such an importnat role in this proces: where do people want to buy, what's the proposal, what about the risks and assurances? A design for a webshop is an intermediate, an interface between you and your customer. That's why a design needs to look good, with a clear presence, no loose ends, designed with great care. Clarity first. And engaging, so people come back to see what's new. It should radiate your identity as a company, and convince the customer to do business with you. We design websites and webshops with user experience guidelines in our head.

Icoon Design


The heart of the matter, the code "under the hood": this is what makes your shop running. We're talking about programming. PHP, Javascript, Less, Sass, mySQL; all terms that you may or may not know off. And you don't have to; that's our job. We take care of your webshop technique so it runs smooth and fast, and with the best user interface possible. So your target audience, your customers, have a good shopping experience. And search engines devour the code behind it, and your webshop gets higher "ranking authority" in search engine result pages.

Icoon Design

Lightspeed eCommerce

Lightspeed is a fast growing SaaS (Software as a Service) ecommerce platform that allows you to quickly start a webshop. Lightspeed stands out as a company that has proved itself already in the retail branche as supplier of POS systems in Canada and the USA, and with the acquisition of SEOshop, a Dutch based ecommerce solution, offers great service, many "out-of-the-box" add-ons with accounting software, payment methods and transport services. We develop fully functional webshop themes and added functionality for Lightspeed eCommerce.

Totalli t|m is official business partner to Lightspeed (former SEOshop) since 2012. Contact us and start today with your Lightspeed webshop.

Icoon Design


Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA): tools to enhance your webshop traffic and advertise online. Want to get better search results in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)? We can help you with the following services:

  • A well structured website that's read well by serach engine robots
  • Enhance the speed of your webshop, so Google ranks you higher
  • Rich snippets to ensure relevant links to your website
  • Add remarketing tags for Google Adwords

We're glad to offer you first advice on how to get better SEO/SEA results "no strings attached".

Icoon Design


Get to the heart of your target audience with a newsletter! This day, newsletters are still a very efficient way to reach your audience relatively easy and cheap. With a well-designed (and "responsive") newsletter template you build on your own fanbase.

Looking for more conversion? Send abandoned cart owners a dedicated newsletter? We design and set up your e-mail marketing campagne. Contact us for advice free of charge to see what we can do for you!

Icoon Design


WooCommerce is an extension to the CMS platform WordPress. Therefore, WooCommerce is very suited for start-ups and medium sized webshops. WooCommerce has lots of advantages, amongst others an easy to manage back office system; it's extensible and scalable with other systems such as your favorite accounting software. Your webshop can be up-and-running in no time as a professional looking webshop, without high set-up costs like with Magento.

Another advantage to for example Magento is that WooCommerce is much less demanding for your web hosting, so you save money. Looking for a webshop system with say 100 to 200 products? Then WooCommerce is a good solution.

Please contact us (free of obligation) to start your webshop.

Our ecosystem

Google Partners
Angular JS

Lightspeed eCommerce platform

Logo Lightspeed

You want a webshop without the hassle. An ecommerce platform that lets you do what's most important: offering your products or services as attractive as possible to your customers online. That grows with you as your business grows. That is solid and reliable, safe and always up-to-date. And that you can extend and link to your POS system, ERP or, for example, fulfilment partner.

That is what Lightspeed eCommerce can offer you: make sure that you can start selling online quickly, that works fast and is easy to use and manage. With a solid and user friendly back office, so you keep view of your stock and orders. With automatic updates, including hosting, and with extensive possibilities to link up to other systems and apps. No additional costs to get your shop up and running. No hassle indeed, and for an attractive price.

We know the Lightspeed eCommerce platform from within. We need to, if you're building themes for this platform. That's what we do since 2012. That's why you're at the right place for good advice on ecommerce solutions.

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