totalli t|m e-commerce: clear and goal-oriented

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We are totalli ecommerce! We design and build customized webshops, themes and apps for ecommerce. As clear and goal-oriented as possible, because that is what works. Well build, well designed, and targeted to your audience.

With maximum clarity, that's what we believe in. In our designs, in our thinking, in our contact with our clients. Clear in the typical Dutch way: direct, no nonsense, straigtforward. With the aim to deliver the best possible solutions, within budget and time limits, according to agreements made. So that your customers get the best user experience while shopping online, and you get the opportunity to offer your products or services online to your clients. That's why we design and develop our webshops in the most clear way we can offer. To apply this to these two aspects in ecommerce:

Functional design:

A webshop, you might say, is a way (a channel) to offer your products or services online. But a very specific one: your customers can view those products, but not feel them